Couldn’t find the project data folder [SOLVED]

Hey im on windows 10 and on Audacity 2.3.0. I just saved a song I recorded as a .aup but when I try to open it up it says “couldn’t find the project data folder” when the .aup file is in the data folder. Please help I put a lot of time and effort into this song that took 5 hrs long to shoot. Please help!

when the .aup file is in the data folder.

They have to be separate.


Ok I seperated the .aup file and the _data folder but its still telling me “couldn’t find the project data folder” when I try to open the .aup file in audacity. Please help me get my song back it took 5 hrs. Please help!

What is the name of the “_data” folder?
Please attach the AUP file to your reply (See:

The name of the Data folder is “My song Fire_data” and the name of the song is “My song Fire”.
My song Fire.aup (29.2 KB)

The AUP file looks OK.

so now both “My song Fire.aup” and “My song Fire_data” are in the same folder?

Is the error message exactly this:

No it is not in the same folder but the error does look exactly like that!

Can you get this if the AUP file is no longer associated with Audacity? I can’t think of why this would fail.

The AUP file and the _DATA folder have to be the same name and it has to be the name they were given in Audacity. No fair changing it later. The AUP file and _DATA folder need to live in the same location or folder to find each other.

Are you double-clicking the AUP file?


The AUP file and the _data folder must both be in the same folder.

Example, if the AUP file is:
C:\Users\Jrpost\Desktop\My song Fire.aup
then the _data folder must be:
C:\Users\Jrpost\Desktop\My song Fire_data

I does look like that. But when I told you guys the .auo file and the _data were in the same folder you guys said it had to be seperated. And it still gave me the error.

in the same folder you guys said it had to be seperated.

You suggested that you put the AUP file inside the _DATA folder. That doesn’t work. The AUP file and the _DATA folder will not go looking for each other through your computer file system, so they have to be separated from each other but close-by in the same general folder. I expect your illustration to work.

It’s a head-scratcher why it doesn’t.

What happens if you close Audacity and double click the AUP file?

Remember when we’re on the trail of a tough dog, we need surgically accurate error messages. Don’t abbreviate or approximate.


This is what happens when I double click the .aup file. But when I press ok. It just keeps continously gives me the same screen (its not letting me open up the .aup file)

But when I press ok.

Right. Because it’s not associated with Audacity as it should be.

You may Google this one. I don’t know how to set it in Windows. On my machines, I can get info on the AUP file and in the info panel it tells me the app associated with my file.

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 20.43.30.png
When I double-click on my AUP file, Audacity opens immediately and displays the show.


So what should I do or search up?

That is wrong. Why is “audacity.exe” in a RAR file? Where did you get Audacity from?

Re the AUP file and _data folder, I gave this as an example:

What are the actual locations of “My song Fire.aup” and “My song Fire_data” on your computer?

I got audacity from the audacity website. And my .aup and _data folder is on my desktop and it does look exactly like that…

I hope you don’t mean the one in Germany - that’s a scam site. What is the URL (Internet address)?

I got it from this website

That’s the correct site.
The (Windows) file that comes from that site is either the installer, or a ZIP file. We don’t do a RAR file, so I don’t understand why you have Audacity in a temporary “Rar%” folder - that’s not going to work.

So what should I do?