could you please fix this teme ? change the font from white to black or gray

i’m using this theme , but when i use the frequency analysis can’t read the values because are white

could you please help me to change this theme font from white to black or gray ?

I would appreciate it a lot

in link , it more easy to see the white font on the gray background


There isn’t much info on themes and what does exist is somewhat outdated.

The best references I could find are in the links in this thread:

Best you have a go at it yourself.
Once you get to know what colours are applied to where, you can customize a theme to exactly what you want/need.

i have watched the topic linked before posting
may i ask you if on mac the theme has white fonts too ? I mean on the plot frequency analysis ?
the fonts are not visible only in the frequency analysis

Hi nomenomen,

Since creating that theme (based on the “pale yellow” one), I have reverted to the standard one a while back, as I found all the colours
too “tutti-frutti” and tiring on the eyes after a while.

I did try lots of variations but in the end, just reverted to the classic theme.
I guess old habits die hard.

Yes, I normally use a Mac and from what I remember, the font colour was white on the “normal” GUI, i.e the timeline and gray on the spectrum.
I use the spectrum a lot and it would have bugged me terribly if the fonts were not visible.

That in fact, is what led me to post on that thread (and making modifications) due to the fonts not being very readable on the level meters.