Corrupt project file

Hi there,

I was in the middle of editing my podcast, nearly finished when I compressed it and it came up with undo edits or something, I cant seem to remember, it then closed straight after that, and I went to reopen the project file and it then said

“Project us corrupt (unable to work with the blockfiles)”

    "timestamp": 1643652008,
    "event_id": "694bc176b463e44c8658b728a5c92fd0",
    "platform": "native",
    "release": "audacity@3.1.3",
    "contexts": {
        "os": {
            "type": "os",
            "name": "Windows",
            "version": "10.0.19043"
    "exception": {
        "values": [
                "type": "Error_Opening_Project",
                "value": "Project is corrupt\n(Unable to work with the blockfiles)",
                "mechanism": {
                    "type": "runtime_error",
                    "handled": false,
                    "data": {
                        "sqlite3.query": "DELETE FROM sampleblocks WHERE NOT inset(blockid);",
                        "sqlite3.rc": "11",
                        "sqlite3.context": "ProjectGileIO::GetBlob",
                        "log": "18:00:07: Error: Failed to load shared library '<path>' (error 126: The specified module could not be found.)\n18:00:07: Error: Failed to load <path> (error 126: The specified module could not be found.)\n18:00:07: Loaded 104 string <path> Kb in size\n18:00:07: sqlite3 message: (11) database corruption at line 71416 of [1b256d97b5]\n18:00:07: sqlite3 message: (11) statement aborts at 8: [DELETE FROM sampleblocks WHERE NOT inset(blockid);] database disk image is malformed\n18:00:07: DBConnection SetDBError\n\tErrorCode: 11\n\tLastError: Project is corrupt\n(Unable to work with the blockfiles)\n\tLibraryError: database disk image is malformed\n"

Really stressing as I’ve got a deadline next week

So if you care to zip up your .aup3 project and upload it to a public file sharing service, then post (or PM me) a link; I’ll take a look at it.

Thank you so much

I have PM’d you the link to the recovered file. :smiley:

You are a true saint!


:blush: blush :blush:

Hi “saint” :wink:
Hi jademan…
From Napoli, Italy…
I was working on a project, just added some labels and ouch…no way to save it or reopen…
“Unable to work with the blockfiles” msg… so sad :cry:
Can I count for an help?

Here’s link to prj files

Yes. So the good news is that you can do all of this yourself. See this post: :smiley:

Yes I’ve seen, thanks <3
But can ask you to do it for me if this require not too time?
It’ll be very,very appreciated :blush:

I mean I’ll try but I’m afraid about wrong operation can damage definetively my file… :blush:

Now you are showing the right attitude! :smiley: You can do it! :smiley: And you already have a backup here:

Besides, I am only a lowly volunteer and my schedule is quite full this week. :wink:

Btw thanks, I’ll try this evening when I come back home from work…
I’ll update You about result

I must publicly express my deepest gratitude to the genius who is the author of this wonderful restoration routine.
By following the instructions provided in an orderly manner and in a few minutes (in practice the longest step lasted less than 90 seconds …) I was able to restore the audio project on which I had spent several days.
Thank you, thank you and thank you again!

I have sent word to the developers. :smiley:


I have sent word to the developers.

Any response?


Well, I left a message on discord. Paul indicated that he had nothing to do with this program (although I know he contributed initial ideas even before MuseScore came around). The other key developer knows who he is and from what I know he attempts to stay out of the limelight - I do not expect to hear a response from him. :wink: However, I am sure he got the message - and is appreciative. He also has bigger fish to fry. :wink:

I’m just wondering about a defect such as this. We’re not talking about the colour of a knob, we’re talking about destroying the user’s show. That’s pretty serious, particularly if you’re that user.

And it’s not like the defect is a complete mystery. Many broken shows respond well to your repair process. Did the development of the repair process kill any chances of a fix?


What are you talking about ?