Copying label text with 'Ctrl c' doesn't always work

‘Ctrl c’ does not always copy text snippets from labels; however, Right Click > ‘Copy Label text’ always works, as does ‘Ctrl v’. After copy/pasting labels, then using ‘Ctrl c’ to copy label text, the text that is pasted may, instead, be whatever text was previously on the Clipboard, which could easily go unnoticed if that text happens to be similar to what was expected.

After copy/pasting both audio and label tracks together with ‘Ctrl c’ (which works as expected), the proper label-text-copying function of ‘Ctrl c’ is magically restored!

I am working with multiple project windows open, each with several label tracks and many labels. The problem is intermittent and unpredictable, but seems to arise after working with labels for a time; however, I have not been able to consistently reproduce it. The ‘fix’ noted above (copying an audio and label track together) was only just discovered, and I’m hoping that it may provide a clue to the underlying bug.

Audacity 3.1.3
Windows 10

Thanks for sharing your work-around. :smiley:

When I tried to duplicate this issue I was successful at first, but later not - I thought it was just my keyboard. :wink:

Regardless, I have asked the developers to address this issue. You can follow your issue on github here: :smiley:

Testing on W10 with 3.1.3 and latest alpha master for 3.2.0

I cannot get this to fail - WORKS-FOR-ME


David Bailes wrote in the bug thread

Had a look at the code. When some label text is selected:

  1. Pressing Ctrl+C only copies the text to the clipboard if the label track is selected.
  2. Right Click > ‘Copy Label text’ copies the text to the clipboard regardless of whether the label track is selected.

I tested and confirm this (very subtle) behavior change is indeed true - but why that should be the case is beyond my comprehension


I’d be very surprised if there is a reason. It looks like a bug to me.