Copying audio clip and pasting into same track causes a new audio track

I updated my Audacity to 3.4 and now when I copy a mono audio clip and try to paste it into the same mono audio track, it creates a new audio track within the original track.
What do I have to do to regain the capability to simply copy and paste like I used to be able to do so easily?

To regain that old behaviour, you would need to downgrade to a previous Audacity version.

See also: Pasting behavior has changed in 3.4?

Thanks, Steve. I just realized that the replay is not interrupted by what appears to be the insertion of a new track. The editing process never used to create a new look lik that on the track. Now it does. It scared me. I thought it was something more serious. No big deal in the end. Thanks nonetheless for your suggestion. I’ll stay with the new version. Cheers.