Copy small portion of audio to another project.

I’m doing a lot of podcasting editions, and from time to time I cut something that falls into category of “bloopers”. I created a project only for that. But the issue that I have is enormous file size due to fact that I can steach 1 minute of audio into 1 hour of it because it stores the informations what entire track had.
I know that I could for example export only that small portion of audio but it’s not efficient for me at all. Since for 1 minut I would have to export 6 files (5 people talking and one music background player) so it takes way too long and I cannot mix them because I don’t even know in what kind of order it will be at final stage.

So my question is, how to copy without coppying entire track but the small portion of it without increasing the size to something that large?


I’m using 3.13 version and Windows 10

Export multiple would speed-up that process.

So no other option? I would still end up with a lot of them, fitting them into timeline would take me ages and some of them can have different duration.

I don’t think there are any really good options at the moment.

Some of your options are:

  • Export / Export Multiple.
  • “Ctrl + D” to duplicate the part that you want to paste into the new project into a new track, then …
    Select the duplicate and “Tracks menu > Mix >Mix and Render”
    Then copy the rendered clip (which no longer has the “hidden” audio) to the other project, then …
    Delete the (now unused) duplicate track.
  • Revert back to an older version of Audacity prior to the “smart clips”.

Another good option is to Tracks > Mix > Mix and Render the track that contains the clips.

This will reduce the clips to just the visible audio data.
Just be aware that this will render any settings you have for pan, gain or envelopes.


That’s my preference. :smiley: And note it will be fastest to copy the select audio to a new track in the old project, then do the Mix and Render, and only then copy the newly rendered clip to the new project.