copy/paste between tracks

W10 and 2.3.2 I would like to see a copy/paste from one stereo track into another stereo track at exactly the same times with the same duration. I agree this can be done by closely monitoring the time data at the bottom of the Audacity screen but that is tedious. I process the same source using different techniques and sometimes what is in one track is better than in another so I would like to cut from the good one and paste it into a track which is collecting the best bits of the other tracks. Jim

There are a couple of ways to achieve this - either with a label (I would uses a temporary range label) or with a temporary split - both are “sticky” with the cursor.

I would do it this way:

  1. make the selection I want to copy

  2. Ctrl+B to make a (temporary label)

  3. Ctrl+C to copy the selection to the Audacity clipboard

  4. move the cursor down into the track to be copied to

  5. line it up with the start of the temporary label - the yellow sticky gyuide will appear to aid accuracy

  6. Ctrl+V to paste into the the track

  7. delete the temporary label

    Another way (if the tracks are adjacent)

  8. make the selection to copy

  9. hold Shift and press Up or Down to exten the selction to the target track

  10. Ctrl+V to paste into the the track


As waxcylinder wrote, there are several ways to do it. This is how I would do it:

Say the track I am copying from is the first track, and the track I am copying to (destination track) is the second track -

  1. Select the required audio in the first track.
  2. “Ctrl + C” (Copy).
  3. “Enter” (toggle the selection off).
  4. “Down” cursor key (move focus down to the destination track).
  5. “Enter” (toggle the selection on).
  6. “Ctrl + V” (paste).

Thanks guys for the advice. I tried what you suggested and it works fine. I think I will see if I can implement these steps in a macro. Sure would be nice if it were possible to access the ;control dialogs in the individual steps of a macro. I have fiddled around with the Nyquist window and found that Nyquist is very brittle. You can go blind trying to keep up with () pairs to say nothing of the lack of documentation. Jim

That shouldn’t be too difficult if you are only dealing with two tracks. Feel free to ask if you get stuck.