Converting file to wav. form

I recently upgraded to 2.1.2 audacity. It is Not letting me convert my files to wav form. I have a job deadline, this has become very frustrating for me. i’ve followed all the steps using the help forum. I am doing as follows, recording file, File export Audio, in the file type option i select WAV, and the format options are blank. it’s just a blank box. it won’t convert to wav. i have no problem converting to mp3 files.

For a standard 16-bit WAV file, there are no options. “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM” is just “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM”.
All you need to do for a standard WAV file is to select “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM” as the file type, select where to export it, and give it a valid file name.

Ensure that you select a valid, writeable location for the file to be written to.

As with exporting MP3, you may get the “Metadata Editor” pop up prior to the file being written (depending on whether you have that enabled in preferences). As with MP3, if that happens, click the “OK” button to continue with the export.

There is a small bug in Audacity 2.1.2 that “may” affect you. In some cases, the file name shows “.aiff” added at the end. if that happens, change the .aiff to .wav

To avoid problems with invalid file names, the safest approach is to stick with letters, numbers, space and underscore (“_”). Avoid using special characters and punctuation characters as some will cause problems.

The relevant page of the manual is here:

i am following all the steps you mentioned.

record audio
export selected audio- the save box pops up
save as: i fill in
where: i select audacity which is where my files are stored
wave type: i select Wav Microsoft 16
Hit Save

fill in Artist Name Box, Hit ADD, Then OK

And Nothing converts. the box that normally pops up when your exporting a file does not appear.

i’m following all the steps i normally would if i were to save as mp3 only i am saving as wav and it will not convert.

Is your recording in “stop” mode, or in “pause” mode?

I don’t think exporting works in pause. But I don’t have an Audacity install on this machine to check…

In Pause, Export Audio is gray in 2.1.2.

i select audacity which is where my files are stored

Try exporting to the desktop. The Audacity folder is an Application location and the machine may not like that. Pick a different folder for your shows and work.

On a Mac, you could use Documents. That’s a nice, graceful user location.


Correct cyrano …

“WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM” is a set format. It has no options to choose, so that is not part of the problem.

There is a setting in Import / Export Preferences “Show Metadata Editor prior to export step”. Check if you have turned that off. Even if you have turned if off, it does not stop the file exporting.