Hi there, I’m totally new to this editing game and my son is crazy about game capture. However, when he records his commentary on Audacity it appears as many small files of 5 seconds long. then, when I’m converting to MP3s, we’re converting hundreds of little files to cover the 10 minutes he’s recorded. Then, when I import to Roxio Game Capture, they’re not in the correct order. Can somebody please tell me how to fix this…thank you so so much.

As described here in the manual, Audacity work in its own “project” format.
In order to create an audio file that can be played or used in other programs you must “Export”.

If you require MP3 format, then you will also need to install LAME (, but for better sound quality you can export as WAV files (which does not require LAME).

Hi Steve. thanks a million for that reply. I have an mp3 converter programme on the laptop which allows me to convert the Au files. My problem is though, that when we finish recording and look at the Windows Explorer folder holding the recording, the recording is broken up into loads of smaller files, all only 5 seconds long. What I would really like to know is how to ensurethat when recording, the recording is kept in one file only rather than being split into loads of little ones. thank you

Audacity breaks an audio project into all those little samples to facilitate speed of processing - the .au files are managed by a similarly-named .aup file

Please have a read of this page in the manual:


The answer is that page. Please read it.