Convert from mp3 (or whatever) to CD Audio [SOLVED]

I would like to convert the files I make with Audacity to a format that will play on car CD player or portable players. I’ve tried several with
no luck? Is there an app that will convert to Audio CD format? I didn’t see that choice in the Audacity drop-down menu, or any other file
converting app either. Thanks very much for the help!!!

I’m using Safari on a MBP, with Audacity 2.0.6.

If your MBP has an optical drive, you do it through iTunes.
Make a Playlist in iTunes and park your songs there in the order you want to hear them. iTunes will convert whatever you provided into the right format.

iTunes > File > Burn Playlist to Disk. Put a blank CD-R disk in the drive when it asks you.

I don’t know any Person Music Player that won’t play MP3s. In Audacity, install the Lame software package. You might also want to download and install Audacity 2.1.0.

Audacity > File > Export Audio> Format: MP3, Options: Quality-128, OK


Please note that an Audio CD is a special thing. You can’t get one of those by simply dragging music over to a blank CD. In that case the CD turns into a Data CD, not an Audio CD. You just made a flat, shiny hard drive. Some computers will play those, but very few cars.


See this tutorial from the Audacity Manual:

I’m not sure if using this route is the correct way to reply to your help message, but what you said sounds a bit more appropriate
than the others. Thanks so much for the guidance! I have quite a number of old audio cassette tapes that I’m trying to
burn to audio cd’s to play in the car. Thanks again! R.

In which case the full set of tutorials from which this one comes may well be useful to you too:


7/9/15 THANKS TO ALL! Have it working fine now! :slight_smile: iTunes took care of it very nicely! It was a bit confusing
understanding the ‘playlist’ feature, but it converted to the proper format quite nicely! Thanks again!!!