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Using Audacity 32 version 3.2.5 under Windows 10 Pro, I have the “Saving Projects” and “Saving Empty Projects” preferences un-checked, but after importing, editing and exporting a file, I am constantly prompted to save the project when closing down Audacity. I do not use projects and it’s kind of annoying…Is there any way to disable this prompt?

Thank you!

Short answer- sorry, no there isn’t.

This is unlikely to change , I believe, as it was put there as a safety net to try to help users not lose valuable data. May other apps do this, including Microsoft Word and Excel.

I, personally, never see what is wrong with just simply clicking the “no” in that dialog, or tabbing to it an hitting “enter”. In QA testing I open and exit from thousands of projects and I’ve never found that dialog overly burdensome or onerous.


Thank you. I probably exaggerated by using the word “annoying”, but it seems to me that if you are going to include a preference to avoid the prompt, it should work, no? Or am I not understanding the intent of the preference?

This page in the Audacity Manual tells you want each of those options control:

But yes I can see why the first one could be misleading or be misinterpreted - but I can’t think of a way to reword it succinctly to make its actual meaning clearer.

How about if it said “Saving projects versus exporting audio” ?

I can work up an enhancement request for that.



Thank you Peter. I understand now after viewing your link, the purpose of the preference. No need to submit an enhancement request as far as I’m concerned.


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Glad you got sorted.

I did, however, think it worthwhile to submit an enhancement request to change the wording.

Warnings preferences: “Saving projects” would be better as “Saving projects versus exporting audio” #4487

I may also add a note on the Manual’s page for warnings prefs advising that this pref does not turn off the naggogram when you try to exit without saving a “dirty” project.


Thank you very much!

Now in the alpha manual on the Warnings prefs page:

and this is now on the Save Project page in the alpha Manual


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