Constant Not Responding Error

Audacity 3.0.2 and Audacity 3.0.0
Windows 10 Pro
I’m trying to edit a 15 minute recording, not with any effects but just deleting breath sounds and copy/pasting clean quiet moments in their place.
It worked perfectly while I was recording, and for a while afterward while I was working, but it started freezing and Audacity would be marked ‘Not Responding’ for a minute. As I went on the time frozen got longer and longer. I tried saving, exiting, and reopening to clear the history buffer, but it had no effect. I’ve looked at it through both Task Manager and Resource Manager and I have no background processes mucking things up, and it never uses more than 20% of my CPU. It doesn’t even cause my computer to kick on its higher-gear fan. I’ve tried using a backdated version of Audacity in case this was a new error that hadn’t been patched yet in 3.0.2, with no difference. I’ve tried erasing the presets files, as recommended in this post: and noticed no change in behavior. I’ve tried everything from this list, (except #s 4,9,11-14 and 19, as they seemed irrelevant) with a little improvement, but it quickly got worse again. I’ve restarted my computer 4 times, tried resaving the file under a new name, as well as defragging the computer (which served to only corrupt my most recent save for some reason). It just keeps getting slower and slower, and the change continues between sessions and restarts, with occasional improvement that quickly fades. I can’t think of anything else to try, and it’s up to pausing for 10 minutes every time I try to paste, delete, save, open most settings menus, or sometimes select a track.

Wireless headphones?

Wireless headphoness go off-line to save batteries and Audacity closes the connection between activities. The combination isn’t pretty.

Use wired headphones for editing in Audacity.


FYI - Audacity does not make good use of a multi-core processor.

Since the pausing is getting longer and longer either your frustrations are getting longer or the project is getting bigger or both!

“select a track” - just how many tracks do you have? I was going to suggest splitting the project down from a longer show and working on the parts separately. So now I am going to suggest reducing the number of tracks while editing. As a rough guideline, if you have more content that a single 15-minute stereo show, you are going to have significant processing delays.

What is the native language of your computer? There have been some (freezing) difficulties recently with certain asian character sets, related to Audacity and Windows updates.

Do you have a high-resolution monitor?

Is your .AUP3 file on a network or Cloud drive?

Also, see this post: