Compressor: channels no longer processed together

On compressing stereo material since quite some time I observe that the stereo image is getting damaged using the compressor. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

There should at least be a check box enabling the algorithm to process both stereo channels individually or linked together (should be default): If processed individually peaks on the left or right channel will trigger gain reduction on that specific channel only - affecting the stereo image and rendering the built in compressor useless for stereo material with defined objects (e.g. vocals) in that stereo track.

Dear developers, would you mind implementing a checkbox for linking the stereo compression?


Your workaround would be to:

  1. split the stereo track - you do this from the Track Control Panel’s context menu
  2. Compress each channel separately
  3. use the Make stereo track in the Track Control Panel menu to rejoin the channels as a stereo pair.

The best place for making feature requests/enhancements is Muse’s GitHub issues tracker:

You will need a GitHub account fir that, but those are free.


IMO the best free compressor plugin is Auburn sounds LENS
Auburn Sounds - Lens, Crystal Clear Multiband Compander (“free edition”).
Multi (9-32 bands) compressor, can compress stereo channels individually via “Stereo link” knob
Looks complicated but it has presets, e.g. “Master Rock”, “vocal fast”.

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