Compressor Causing Low Volume at Beginning of Sentences

I’ve been using audacity to record audio for youtube videos, and doing the standard routine of noise reduction, compressor, equalization, normalization. I’ve noticed that running the compressor not only brings down the volume on the louder parts of my audio, it also brings down the volume near the beginning of a sentence, so it sort of fades in from silence to full speaking volume. Will tweaking the settings in the compressor tool allow to me to fix this, or will I just need to manually bring up the the volume near the beginnings of sentences?

Sounds like the attack-time on the compressor is too slow.
I use 10-20ms attack,(a/k/a rise-time), when compressing speech, with ~100ms release time.

Could try this plugin instead … LevelSpeech2.NY

Thanks, I checked my settings and it turns out that attack time was already at the minimum, but after that I downloaded and tried out LevelSpeech2 and it got the results I needed, plus I won’t need to run the Normalizer afterward, so two birds with one stone there.