Complex Exports (multi-channel WAV)

Is there a method to perform multi-channel exporting to WAV where you can pick the mappings available via scripting, macro or Nyquist?

I have a number of files to process, most are similar in length (about 45 - 60 seconds) and all need the same processing pipeline: import from mp3, mix stereo to mono (if stereo), duplicate 4 times, set some fade in/out (track 1 fades out as 2 fades in etc) and then export to a WAV where there are 6 channels but the ordering has to be specific. The files get played in pygame which expects a certain mapping (which I already have) such that when played over a 5.1 output the audio appears to move from one to the next (ignoring C and LF). I can do this via the Advanced Mixing Options window fairly easily as it lets me set the desired number of channels and how the tracks are mapped.

I’ve not tried any of the methods, but I can see from the scripting docs some initial ideas about how it might work, certainly New project, Import, Duplicate etc. The one part I could not find was any reference to was exporting other than Export2 which only allows 1 or 2 channels and no mechanism to supply a mixing map (I can roughly see in the source how the channel mapping works).


Not directly, though Macros can sort tracks by track name, and can assign names to tracks.