export multi-channel, switch for Advanced Mixing Options

How can a script or macro handle the advanced mixig options?

When using
Export2 (.ac3) or ExportOgg with NumChannels=6,
I got a 6 ch output file, but the channels are not like the original 6 tracks,
they are mixed in a confused way…

(‘Export: Filename="’ + filename + ‘" NumChannels=6’)
request manual action, for outup folder and mixing.

Only export with manual handling of the Advanced Mixing Options give the right output.
Just need a default setting,
Track no. 1 to ch no, 1, 2-2, 3-3,…

Found other open topics with same questions:


Also documentation says Export2 can only the used with numer of channel 1 or 2.

Pleas add a open point for develop export multi-channel,
with handling mixing options, or just default track # to ch #.
Like dicussed in April 2019:

… have to do >300 folders, and >80GB to mix two stereo audio file into a 5.1 ouput as FL, FR ,RL and RR.
Python script is working so far to process the folders, only export is not ok.

Advanced mixing options are not supported by macros.

The documentation is correct. “Export2:” only supports mono or stereo.
If you try setting a larger number of channels then the command might do “something”, but it is not likely to do anything useful as more than 2 channels is not supported.

The best place for feature requests these days is here: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues
(a (free) GitHub account is required.)