"Comment" metadata field tag lost with "Export multiple"

On Audacity 3.1.3 on Ubuntu 22.04

When you load several WAV files into Audacity which have different text inside the “Comment” metadata field, the content of the last track only is exported and saved into all the resulting exported files, essentially losing the info from all but one file.

How to reproduce:

  • download these WAV: Nextcloud - INRAE
  • drop them all in Audacity
  • export them all as FLAC with “Export multiple” and check the metadata with your favorite software

The resulting files (except one) will have lost the original info stored inside the "comment"metadata field.

I am aware that I can edit the comment field of exported files individually with the metadata editor. However, I need to export hundreds of files. It is not logical to me that other fields’ info (such as artist or title) are correctly taken over from each track and saved into the exported files but not the comment field, so I consider this as a bug.

Metadata is a known weak area for Audacity. It doesn’t support embedded artwork at all. :frowning:

For any extra-additional metadata editing I use Mp3Tag (which works on all of the common formats, not just MP3).

There is an additional complication when converting different formats because they have different tagging standards with different fields and different field lengths, etc. MP3 uses ID3 Tags. FLAC uses Vorbis Comments. Tagging for WAV isn’t well standardized.

When splitting to multiple files, each of those files may need different metadata and Audacity doesn’t have any way of handling that.

This particular bug is already known and was lagged back in December last year, but sadly remains un-fixed and open still:



See this logged super-bug listing the known issues with metadata.