Collaboration on a new feature: how to...

Dear Sirs:
pardon me for this self-adulating introduction, whose meaning will be clear in a few lines.
I’m Italian, 63 years old. I’ve been involved in ICT for around 40 years, I have been (and still am) a software developer and from 2017 to 2017 an open source evangelist in Italy and Europe. Besides that, I am an amateur bioacoustician, with a few scientific papers to my name.
Despite those auspicious preconditions, I am not skilled enough - nor have time - to contribute the code for a new significant feature that I designed.

I would like to understand whether I can submit a quite formal description of the feature to one or more persons in the Audacity Team. Even though it’s crystal clear that the software will be finally released in the same way as any other Audacity component, right now I would prefer not to share the feature description on the forum, because I would prefer that the development process remains under the control of one, or a few, developers with whom I may collaborate directly.

So, the first question is: is there someone who is available to review my proposal and to that purpose may kindly contact me

Besides that, I would like to understand a few things, and I thank sincerely anybody who may answer the following questions.

  1. May one get some form of recognition, e.g. may one be cited as contributor to Audacity, even if he/she provides just a good idea without any accompanying source code?

  2. I’m thinking about publishing a description of the new feature in an APC-free scientific journal: in that case, any developer who contributes to the initial release of the feature would be co-author. Do you think that it’s feasible? The manuscript would include a detailed description of the algorithm but no source code.

Please excuse me if my questions are naive or ill-placed.

All the best,
Cesare Brizio


first off I removed your email address to protect you from harvesting spam-bots.

You will really need to post this request as a Discussion thread on Muse’s GitHub, you will need a GitHub account but those are free. Muse folk (the owners of Audacity) tend not to hang out here as this is mainly a user-based Forum.



Many thanks!
I’ll duly follow your suggestion.
All the best,

Thank you again Peter
I tried to put my question here:


Yes Cesare, I saw your post on GitHub - you may have to be patient waiting for Muse to respond.

The people you flagged are developers not design decision makers. Try tagging Tantacrul, DilsonsPickles and LWinterberg instead.