Cloud computing is bad

Hello. I noticed an advertisement for the new version and that it adds “cloud” functionality. I had to register just to give the feedback that I am very disappointed by this inclusion. Cloud computing is a horrible thing, and a attack on personal computing and individual software ownership. I don’t think it’s a good direction to go and always find it majorly disappointing to see more and more projects abandon tried and true methods of software distribution for a mere service outside the user’s control. Sure, good ol localhost is still there, but cloud functionality is very threatening and I wish people would not implement such things. I know this is the direction the industry wants to go no matter if users actually want it or not, but gotta try at least a little to change opinion against it. When your computer is under a cloud, it is always overcast. With the preservation of personal computing, we can stay grounded from the oncoming thunderstorm.

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I think you’re missing the point a bit. The functionality in question is off-site backup and project collaboration. Cloud computing (as in, applying effects online) is not an offering.

Additionally, another feature that’s coming up is a more tight integration of intel’s openVINO plugins, which gets AI functionality users currently almost exclusively get through cloud computing back onto their own computers.

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Muse are NOT making the application cloud-based. Rather they are giving users the option to store their projects and exported data file in their cloud (partly to facilitate sharing and cooperative projects.

Audacity still has to be installed and run on your computer - and even though a project may be opened from the cloud is is NOT worked on directly in the cloud - rather Audacity uses temporary workspace on your local computer.