Clip name editing

I suggest an ability to change the name of a clip by right-click on the current clip name (which appears at the top of the clip when the clip has a name).

I was unable to figure out how to change the clip name despite searching in Audacity help, googling, etc…

The reason is that I was confused between “Track Name” and “Clip Name” – I didn’t even know clips could have a name. Of course, I finally figure it out, but all of that could have been prevented if one could simple right-click on the clip name and be able to edit it. Right now when I right-click on the clip name nothing happens. I’m running Audacity 3.3 in Mac OS 13.4.1 on a 2020, M1 Mac Air

All you need to do is double left-click on the clip name and then it opens up for editing.


Thank you for your reply. I assume that you are right, but I am not at my computer to check.

I believe it is a more common practice to right click on things when you are confused about how to do something than to double click everywhere. But of course, once you know the secret it’s easy.

The key to my post, however, is when you don’t know how to do something, what’s the most likely thing you will do to try to find the answer? I didn’t even know it was a clip (I thought it was a track) much less that clips have a name.

I’ve been using Audacity for about a decade, btw.

You can also select the whole clip (double left-click in the clip’s waveform) and then right-click in the clip’s waveform to get a context menu with a Rename Clip command - which does have Rename clip command@

And there is a pre-defined shortcut for that command.

There is also the Edit > Rename Clip (same shortcut) - but that also requires the whole clip to be selected.

I wrote an Enhancement Request in GitHub to improve this behavior such that the whole clip should not need to be selected:
A clip needs to be selected for the context menu to enable “Rename Clip” #3101

This was logged in June last year, but thus far it has not been actioned by Muse (thogh they have assigned a P2 priority rating to it back then).