Clip boundaries -> Split not working

Using Windows 10, Audacity 2.3.3. I’ve followed several tutorials on how to split tracks using Clip boundaries, and it doesn’t work for me. I do the following

  1. place cursor where I want to split track,
  2. select Clip boundaries → Split.

The thick vertical black line appears in my track where the cursor is, as it should per the turorials, presumably indicating where the split is. But there appears to be no split. If I use the Time Shift Tool to drag what should be a new track to the right of the Split marker, nothing happens. If I hold down Shift while dragging with the Time Shift Tool, the entire audio track shifts to the right but doesn’t separate where the Split marker is. So, apparently the track wasn’t split. Also, if I export using Export Multiple after using Clip boundaries → Split, the entire track is exported as a single WAV file. So, this is more evidence that the track isn’t split.

BTW, I did check that the file is Stopped and not just Paused.

I’d appreciate suggestions. I’ve followed 4 separate tutorials, doing exactly as they do, but no dice.

Yes, that’s the “split”.

That’s because there is another clip in the way.
Zoom out (Zooming Overview - Audacity Manual) so that you can see plenty of empty space beyond the end of the track, and drag the clip further to the right. When you drag far enough, the clip will jump over the clip that is blocking it.

Note that sometime a clip can be blocked from sliding by an audio clip that is too small to see without zooming in.

Do this test to check, whether it is divided or not:

  1. Split the track
  2. Select one side of the track with a double click in the part
  3. do you see the selection (color change) only on one side?
  4. Then now press CTRL+D
  5. This copies the part to a new track
  6. double click the new track
  7. now you can export it as a independent audio file

Hello - I am having the same problem. No matter what I try, I am unable to split the track and insert additional audio. I realize I’m supposed to hit stop so the different functions work. However, whenever I hit stop, the cursor keeps jumping off the screen back to the start of the audio…This is extremely frustrating. I have an audio that I am trying to complete and unable to do so. I am using windows 10 and I have audacity version 2.4.2. Does anyone have a solution to this, I don’t understand why such a simple function is so difficult. I posted a loom video so you can what’s happening…Thanks for any help from the thread.

Yes, that is correct - very few of the editing operations are enabled while the audio is playing or paused.

So the trick here is to use Ctrl+M to create a new label right at the current playback position. (Alternatively Ctrl+B after selecting a spot with your cursor).