Click Removal Doesn't Work

For some reason, my “Click Removal” effect doesn’t work.
Just so as not to waste time:

  1. I am not on “pause”.
  2. I have selected and highlighted the portion of the track that I want to edit.
  3. Other effects seem to be working fine.

When I click on the OK button on the Click Removal Window, I get the following message:
“Algorithm not effective on this audio. Nothing changed.”

Can anyone help me with this?

I’m going to guess that it’s unable to detect the defect. Have you tried the “more sensitive” settings?

You can also try the Repair effect

It’s very difficult for the software to know what’s wrong with the sound (sometimes you’re recording something that sounds like a click) and it’s impossible to know what it’s supposed to sound like.

Difficult clicks/pops can sometimes be dealt with by this manual process:

This Tutorial discusses a range of methods:


Unfortunately the Click Removal effect is rather poor at detecting clicks. Hopefully this will be improved in a later version of Audacity.
I would also recommend this article: