"Click" at start of recording when using WASAPI

When I record something from the Internet using the WASAPI interface to Audacity, I often get one “click” in the recorded track just before the actual music begins. This is not consistent - it probably happens about half the time, and the click has varying amplitude. I’ve seen this happening for a long time - does anyone else see it? What could be causing it, and how could I prevent it? Currently, I edit out the click using the “silence audio” function in the Edit/Remove Special menu, but that obviously isn’t convenient. The attached screen shot shows an example of the problem I’m talking about.
Audacity Click at start of recording.jpg

I cannot reproduce this on W10 with Audacity 3.1.2

a) If I have Audacity already armed for recording and then start the audio stream, or

b) start the audio stream and then press Record in Audacity.


Perhaps it’s related to that specific machine or sound card?

Over the years I have recorded countless times in Audacity (from 2.2.1 right up to 3.1.2)
on Linux, Mac and Windows, never got a click irrespective of my sound source.
Used mics, USB interfaces, Jackd, Alsa, Soundflower, “mix” output on Windows, etc.

Do you have access to another machine with Audacity on it to try?