Click and Pop Removal

I am in the process of recording a lot of my old LP’s and converting them to CD’s. Some of them have some clicks and pops throughout the album and I would like to use the Click and Pop Removal effect from my Audacity 1.3 Beta. I have tried it a few times and it seems to garble the sound and vocals. I have tried to adjust the levels of the Select Threshold and Maximum Spike sections in it but still no luck. Does anyone know the correct levels that should be set for each one to give me the best sound and vocals after the clicks and pops are removed?

For my money the best-in-class click and pop remover is Brain Davies’ excellent ClickRepair package. It costs a little at $40 but is well worth it IMHO if you have a lot of LPs to process. Brian does let you have a 21-day free trial so you can test out if it works for you. See this sticky thread:

The other great thing is that Brian does not levy a maintenance charge - once you’ve bought the s/w you can get all future upgrades for free.


I use [u]Wave Repair[/u] ($30 USD). It does a perfect job of repairing most clicks & pops in the manual mode, and it doesn’t touch the audio except where you identify a defect. The downside is that it usually takes me a full-weekend to fix-up an LP.

[u]This page[/u] (by Wave Repair’s author) has lots of helpful information about digitizing LPs, including several software recommendations.

My advice is, buy the CD (if it’s available)! :wink: