Clearing loop region causes playing selection to not work properly

In the manual, when pressing space while having a selection, it will play within the selection

However, after clearing loop region, the audio plays from the selection all the way to the end of the audio.

Is this intentional or is this a bug?

(Would like to attach a video but don’t know how to. Sorry.)

It’s because that even though you’ve cleared the looping region, looping is still active.

Turn looping off by either:
a) clicking in the Looping button in the Transport toolbar, or
b) right-click in the Timeline and turn it off from the drop-down context menu.

I’m afraid it’s just one of the little quirks in the implementation of the new looping that the loop region and the Loop functionality are decoupled in this way.


Surely it would make more sense for looping to turn off when there is no loop region, rather than an unexpected behaviour that is neither “looping” or “normal play rules”. :confused:

Personally I think it looks like a bug, but perhaps the designers intended it :confused:

I remain unconvinced of the need for a Looping region in the timeline …

Reaper, for example, manages perfectly well without one.:
a) turn on the loop “Repeat” button
b) make a selection in the waveform
c) Press Play - to get loop play of the selection
d) the selection, and thus the effective loop region, can be extended or contracted during loop play (or even moved).
For me this is more than a bug - the new looping IMO is riddled with design flaws.