Cleaning up speech

The clip I provide is after the noise reduction, slight bass removal, and KSHMR to make it as best as my limited understand can make it. Well. Let me provide two clips, one pre and one post. But it sounds like I have my head stuck in a box. Is there a way to clean this up any or am i SOL?

Your RAW recording has a lot of infrasound.
Infrasound is not audible but can influence effects which have a threshold, (e.g. Noise Reduction, compression),
then it can have audible consequences.
So before doing any processing I would remove infrasound with a high-pass filter
removing infrasound with low-pass filter.gif

Like this? This is 100 hz with a 48db roll off like in the picture. Still, at least to me, sounds like I have my head in a box. O.o

It doesn’t sound, (or look*) boxy to me.
It’s a bit muffled which can be corrected by boosting 2kHz -12kHz by about 3dB …

[ * boxyness shows up on the spectrogram ]

How’s this? This is after the High Pass and the Graphic EQ. Though my Graphic EQ looks different, mine is a bunch of sliders. So I slid all the sliders from 2k to 12.2k up to 3db.

Well, a lot of guessing later I come up with this which * might * be better, at least it’s not as bass-y . Which is the odd part about any of my game play recordings. I am not a bass-y voiced person, I mean, literally I’ve had cold call magazine sales toads offer me Ms, Woman’s World, etc. >.< But in my monolog that I record while playing it sound bass heavy. But , anyway, it sound a bit bit better but still isn’t clear.

Let me see… High Pass of 100 and above with the 48 db attenuation, the Graphic EQ of +3db to 2k to 12k, Noise Reduction, Limiter to -10 to snip off the pop peaks (the Limiter I got is simple, which is good for me, but maxes out at -10) , amplify to -6 , Bass and Treble with -4 db to bass +4 to treble and 0 to volume . That should be it with all what I’ve done to it.

The equalization on that sounds good to me.

If you need to tweak it there are free equalizer plug-ins which work in real-time: you can adjust it while the track is playing, e.g. Graphic Equalizer Plugin, 16-Band, Lin-Phase [VST, AU, AAX] - Marvel GEQ - Voxengo

So you can’t think of anything else to do to it? As, for giggles, just playing around I added the KSHMR Kick and a normalize, did a little something.

It could be a little louder, it’s -24dB RMS. For speech the target is -20dB RMS.
https ://

You sure about the -20 RMS ? I try that and it’s peaking at almost 0db on the VU. I aim for it touching -6 on the VU. Yes, Effects → Loudness Normalize - click the drop down, picked RMS, typed in -20 into the next box, and let it do it’s thing.

As long as it’s below 0db. You could limit afterward to, say, -1dB, (without make-up gain), to add a safety-margin.

Each host has their own standards for loudness …

Ok, as I was taught to avoid the red, and -20 db RMS was living in the yellow and peaking into the red where -6 db that I use lives in the green and peaks into the yellow at most. On the VU meter, to clarify.

When recording yes, but the levels on the finished product (post production) are different.

I’m back! New round, I upgraded my microphone to something more professional. I got a Tonor mic kit, XLR, and running it though the Scarlett Solo interface to my computer though USB. Sounds great but my voice has a bit of an annoying bassy deep throat vibration that’s driving me nuts. >.<

I would cut back the bass a little with equalization …
suggested EQ settings.png

The first instance of the word “two”, (but not the second), sounds like overload-distortion, (i.e. too loud).
I don’t think that’s fixable in post-production. (Nevertheless it’s perfectly clear what is being said).