Cleaning up speech

Well, a lot of guessing later I come up with this which * might * be better, at least it’s not as bass-y . Which is the odd part about any of my game play recordings. I am not a bass-y voiced person, I mean, literally I’ve had cold call magazine sales toads offer me Ms, Woman’s World, etc. >.< But in my monolog that I record while playing it sound bass heavy. But , anyway, it sound a bit bit better but still isn’t clear.

Let me see… High Pass of 100 and above with the 48 db attenuation, the Graphic EQ of +3db to 2k to 12k, Noise Reduction, Limiter to -10 to snip off the pop peaks (the Limiter I got is simple, which is good for me, but maxes out at -10) , amplify to -6 , Bass and Treble with -4 db to bass +4 to treble and 0 to volume . That should be it with all what I’ve done to it.