Changing Voice from Male to Female

I am female but my voice sounds male due to years in the army and other issues I have … how do I or what do I need to do to change my voice to sound more female and not so deep. Is there an option to do so? so when making podcast it sounds natural? What do I need to do? and what do I change?

You can make your voice sound a little bit higher by using the “Change Pitch” effect in Audacity 1.3.12, but only use a small amount or the result will sound very weird. Other than that it is a matter of doing what actors do. Getting in the right frame of mind before you start (what actors call “getting into role”) can help a lot.

Cutting back the low frequencies (below 300Hz) using Audacity’s graphic equaliser may help.

Attached before-after example: pitch raised by 10%, bass frequencies cut …

[quote=“MsLinda”… how do I or what do I need to do to change my voice to sound … not so deep. …?[/quote]

pitch shifting can help but it changes all the formants so is unnatural
if you do it very far
because in real life only one of them increases linearly when your voice goes up and down in freq so the shifting of the entire recording too far will not match what naturally happens

one way is to learn to use another of the 4 basic voices that we all have instead of the normal face default
think roy orbison in pretty woman

i have a deep voice but can talk up about 2-3 octaves
when i want to do a stage aside as if from someone else such as my wife when i answer a rhetorical question i posed
(but cannot do it with volume as in singing - just talking)

I came up with an example of why this is so difficult to do in post production. If a large manly man and a little girl both said the word “woman,” you would have no trouble telling who was who. But if they both hissed at you Sssss! it would be much more difficult to tell who was the man. The trick is some sounds need to be shifted and some not and it’s rough for software to tell which.

<<<Getting in the right frame of mind before you start (what actors call “getting into role”) can help a lot.>>>

It can be of Paramount importance. Or I guess in this case, Warner Brothers importance:

“You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve?”

Lauren Bacall had a lower voice than Humphrey Bogart. Any difficulty telling who was who?


She was the taller one… :slight_smile:

We have a digital supervisor who looks like that (Lauren, not Humphrey) and it’s impossible not to think about it while she’s telling you how to increase the speed and efficiency of your shadow layer spline render node.


formants come from different areas
some are drastically different by sex
some are very close no matter what

and some stay the same
others move up as the voice freq moves up

there is no way for software to recreate this
although maybe in some AI lab somewhere
spending billions of our tax dollars
they are finding ways to do it so they can fool terrorists
or something

an sssss sound would come from air blowing gently through the front of the mouth with teeth clenched and mouth barely open
and most folks have one roughly the same size and shape mouth and teeth. kids without teeth would sound different.