Change to a female voice without looking like the smurfs

I’m trying to change a male voice to a female voice. Everywhere I look I find that the users recommend changing the pitch with Effect → change pitch.
But this results a voice that looking like the smurfs, it doesn’t sound real for me. I’ve tested several percentages of changing. How can obtaing a “real” female voice?


Hire/bribe/blackmail/cajole someone that has a feminine voice.

A small amount of pitch shift will sound OK, but move it too far and the formants are all wrong making it sound like a smurf.
Some females have quite deep voices but still sound feminine (example: Lauren Bacall - Wikipedia). It’s not just the pitch that matters.

Hi Steve,
thank you for your answer.
any way of doing it then?

Yes, see option 1 “Hire/bribe/blackmail/cajole someone that has a feminine voice”.
To obtain a voice that sounds like a “real” female voice, there is no option 2.

If you don’t mind it sounding a bit robotic you could use a text to speech program (for example: )

And there’s a very simple reason it sounds funny – or one reason. If you (a man) and your sister both say “ssss” or “fffff” you will not be able to tell who said it. But if you speak, it’s apparent immediately. So you can’t shift everything. Some parts you have to leave alone. No, it’s not a button push or simple filter.

Also, given the right overlap, you can both sing the same musical note, but it will still be obvious who sang what. Lauren Bacall’s voice was lower than Humphrey Bogart. Did you have any trouble figuring out who was speaking – who was the woman?

Some of that is pure acting, too. I’m a bass and I once performed a passable woman by acting the voice and getting close to a directional microphone to take advantage of the proximity effect.

The problem is you’re not performing, are you? You pulled a voice down from the internet and you want to change sex.