change level ?

I am using Audacity 2.1.3 with a PC, late model. I am transferring all my old cassettes of my music to the computer, and then to CD’s.

But some of my old recordings of my playing are not “balanced”, that is, one channel is a higher level than the other. (Due to careless mic placement, or whatever.)

Question: Is there a way to increase the level of only the low channel, either during, or after, recording into Audacity?

Thanks in advance for your help

Go to the Track Control Panel of your tack (the box to the left of the the waveform) and click on the little black downward pointing triangle).

This will give you a dropdown menu, choose “Split Stereo track”

This will separate the two channels enabling you to edit either of the independently.

When finished go to the top track and click on the black triangle and choose “Make Stereo Track” - this will combine the two channel tracks back into a single stereo track.


Or, you can try the Normalize effect and select Normalize stereo channels separately. That will make the peaks equal, but it won’t necessarily make them sound equally loud.

…If they don’t sound equally loud after normalizing separately, reduce the louder side because you’ll have little or no headroom to boost the quiet side without clipping (distortion).

Can do that using the pan-slider and gain-slider …
Pan & gain slider demo.gif
then, once balanced, use mix and render to fix the changes.

Thanks !

As they say, “it’s easy, if you know how”

Now I know how…