Change in Sound Quality after Update 3.3.1 and (now) 3.3.2

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I wanted to follow up on this thread. I recently replaced my Mac and installed the latest version of Audacity. I’ve downloaded the appropriate FFmpeg library to import tracks from my iTunes library as I have always done in the past and was able to use all features as expected even with some of the latest reformatting of the app. It was in the Export file however, where this newly found generation loss as emerged. Songs lack emphasis or “roundness” and music has been severely stripped of bass. I believe this was with 3.3.1. Has 3.3.2 fixed this issue, or is there something else I’m doing wrong?

What format are you exporting to?

Hi Bill, Thanks for the quick response. I export as a WAV Signed 16-bit PCM. I’ve always exported as WAV, but I don’t remember if it was that default that it was set at before I switched out my old computer. I am unfamiliar with the other WAV formats. is the 32-bit float more of what I’m looking for?

Your WAV file should sound identical to your Audacity project.

Try importing the exported WAV back into the project you exported it from, then compare it to the project by using the Solo buttons.

As I only do music mixes for my own listening pleasure, I rarely hold on to these files. Most files that I’m using are either Bandcamp MP3s or iTunes AAC. I believe I was running on an older version of Audacity that suited my purposes. I do not believe it had been updated in the last year or more. With the new computer the most recent version has been updated and this sound quality loss has been recognizable within my last two projects. Is there something I am missing from this update? Is there an older version of Audacity I can still use? I don’t even remember the version I was using that best suited my needs.

On thing that was changed recently is that the Project Sample Rate (which affects Export file quality) is now hidden. Audio Setup > Audio Settings.

The Project Sample Rate is set at 44100 Hz, the same as the default sample rate. The default sample format is 32-bit float.

What changes do you recommend to restore nearest project conditions of previous editions of Audacity?

That is what I use.

Tools > Reset Configuration.

I suspect that your issues have more to do with your new machine. Are you using a different microphone and/or headset than you used to use?

I assume you are just opening the tunes and the playing them.
What Actual Rate does it show at the bottom of the screen, right hand side when the tune is playing…??

That is correct. I generally import audio files from old CDs and make hour long playlists out of them. I’d rip what I’d want into iTunes, then from Audacity import the tracks I want and arrange away. I’ve never struggled with workarounds or quality loss like this before.

Hey everybody, thank you for the support. I’d like to share some screenshots to see if anyone can spot something I might be missing. From what I’ve seen others write about this set-up, everything seems to be up to par. For what I’m creating, I am not using a microphone (Top Left)

Although I am not trying a new project at the moment, I was also curious whether this quality setting matter. It was defaulted to fastest. This is a feature I do not remember replacing on older versions either. (Top Right)

Here is a screenshot of how a track would appear. Everything appears normal. (Bottom Left

Finally, I am also attempting to plug a stand pair of headphone into the available headphone port on this device. Audacity does not identify the port in use until I back out of Audacity and restart it. Would that have anything to do with what I’m getting in the final Export quality. And, would it be reasonable to change the 16-bit PCM to 32-bit float to match the sample rate I’m already working with through Audacity, or will that not matter in the export phase? (Bottom Right)

Not really familiar with the Mac but windows should be similar regarding usage…
The first thing I notice is the amplitude of the tracks, it shows clipped…
If ripped from CD try another track and check its amplitude… Are you ripping to WAV or mp3 try and reduce the amplitude.
If coming from Itunes you can save file in other formats within Iplayer player try wav or mp3.

I assume in any case you are opening a saved file or importing a saved file. If you check file properties what is its saved file Bitrate…Audacity will look for this and open the file at that rate and not open at the rate it says in Audacity Project Rate.
You sould see the Actual rate that audacity in playing or exporting at if you look at bottom right hand corner when the track is playing.
Your performance quality settings are OK and should work…
The problem as your screen dump shows looks like something to do with how you generated the file and how it got into Audacity.
Regarding the audio devices on your mac… check the actual device settings and are they all working in other software applications

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