Chain export settings (now Macros)


i have trobble with the export off ogg via chain funktion, while the manuel export works fine. As mentioned in the manuel to set export settings i have first started a manuel export with the desierd settings. after clicking save once i have canceled the export and, after i did not aply the the chain export, let the manuel export pass. But still the the settings did not aply the chain export.

The files i am working with are 6ch DTS and 2ch PCM files.

The Manuel export off the 6ch DTS file creates a 450kbps 6ch file, while the chain export only creates a 96kbps mono file. In both cases the 2ch PCM files are 160kbps.

Is it possible to export via chain in aac or ac3? I find no appropriate task in “edit chain”. a custom ffmpeg export would be nice to have too.

As i’m writing this i experiemt further and just updated from 2.2.2 to 2.3.1. at least i have now 320kbps but it downmixes the 5.1 to 2.0. Because auf that the file still sounds brassy or tin. now i think the only problem is to prevent the downmix.

Macros currently only support exporting as mono or stereo. For multi-channel export you need to export manually (with “Custom Mix” enabled in Preferences:

If you have FFmpeg for Audacity installed, you can export as AC3 using the “Export2” command. Note that this command requires that you set the full output file path and file name, including the file name extension (“.ac3”).

Thx for Reply

When im using the Exort2 task, when i must define the filename, how i’m able to prevent the overwriting from the privious export? the Other exports just using the origianl filename, is there something like “$origial_filename” ?

Is it planned extend macros to support more than stereo? i would expect its not the top priority on the development.
Since im not planning to edit the audiofile it seems the best solution for me is to use ffmpeg directly via cli or im mistaken?

You are correct that it is not suitable for batch processing in a Macro. The Export2 command is more suited to using Python (Scripting - Audacity Manual). Mod-script-pipe is expected to be included in the next Audacity release.

Personally I think it should be, and I expect that it will eventually, but higher priority is extending the file format options (such as supporting FFmpeg file types, and allowing bit-rates to be specified).

What is it you are intending to do?

I just whant to save some diskspace on some unnassesary big, mostly DTS, Tracks.

If you’re familiar with writing batch scripts, then either FFmpeg, or perhaps SoX (

As for now, i’m using mkvtools quite often and im order my files to be scrabbed for Kodi, i’m allready used to it. While im not really “scripting”, just find the right command and options and using N++ with column edit to extend this commad to the rest of the files.

Im allready running into the next problems with ffmpeg^^ cant find a fdk_aac binary, but im just at the beginning.
I think i will stick with ffmpeg, since it seems sox is not in development anymore and when i get used to it i can save some worksteps on MKVTools.