Catalina Support

The new iMac I have just purchased has Catalina pre-loaded onto it as it’s iOS. I understand that Audacity is not currently supported while running Catalina and that this may be fixed with your next release… have you any news about when that release may be? Pretty Please?
This V/O artist is anxious to know, and save me from the pain of having to use another audio editor (I like Audacity and have always used it up to now!)

Audacity 2.3.3 will run fine on Catalina - but changes that Apple made for Catalina block recording unless you use our published workaround and launch Audacity from the Terminal app - see:

The upcoming 2.4.0 release of Audacity (scheduled for early May) will fix this issue _ I have been QA testing this on 10.15.3 and latterly 10.15.4 Catalina and it works fine.


Thanks WC… very encouraging news. Will try the work around first and look to the new release in May,