cant record my voice over karaoke tract

i have 2.0.5
i cant import the mp3 karaoke track but when i click record, the program does not play the song in my earphones so i do not know when to sing since i cant ear the mp3.

how to solve this

Audacity 2.0.5 is very old. The current version is 2.2.2 and is available here:

For “overdub” recording (recording a track while listening to other tracks), the settings at the bottom of the Transport menu should be:
Software Playthrough: Off (not selected)
Overdub: On (selected)

thx it fixed the prob.

what are the downside of using an old version if you can explain them to me i m not sure to see the pros and cons of upgrading


There have be a lot of changes since 2.0.5.
The change log up to version 2.2.1 can be viewed here:
and the changes since 2.2.1 here:

need some help guys please…everytime i want to record over the music , it doesn’t start a new track, it records after the current track…?? pleasse help me,

Just presss Shift + Record or shortcut Shift + R to record on a new track