Can't record audio when my headset is plugged in

Hi all,

I have a Yeti microphone that I use to do interviews. I would like to use the yeti with my headset plugged in and record non only my audio, but also the audio coming out of my headset. The issue is, Audacity records my track (my voice speaking into the microphone) but doesn’t record the output track (the person replying to me, or the video I am listening etc…). The set up seems correct (see picture). The input is the Yeti microphone, and the output is the Yeti speaker (where my headset is plugged in). I can hear perfectly the sound coming out of my headset, but I cannot record it.

The record is not completely mute: it is very faint, like if its recording the noise coming out of my headset from the computer -or fromm the yeti microphone- (in fact if I put the volume at the maximum it gets better).

It’s seems a stupid problem but I cannot work my head around it! Thanks for help!

Audacity 3.0.0
windows 10

Screenshot 2021-10-19 145040.png

It’s seems a stupid problem

It seems so, but it’s not. Audacity can only record one “thing.” You’re trying to record three things.

Zoom remote voices.
Yeti voice.
Your headset microphone voice.

The Zoom part is easy. You can get Zoom to record conversations for you. I understand they will even prepare different sound files for the different people.

Record your local voice on Something Else not connected to the computer.

I have a Zoom (no relation) H1n that I use for voice recordings.

Note in this setup that Audacity isn’t used anywhere except post production editing. If you use good quality headphones during the Zoom call, Zoom doesn’t have to apply direction and echo management with it’s associated distortions. If you work in a quiet, echo-free room, you should not be able to tell what the process is. If everybody is on headphones, it may sound like a local studio interview.

This is a thing I shot with my H1n.