Can't Play, or Record

I have found a ton of other posts on here with similar issues, but unfortunately nothing that seems to be helping my situation, so I thought I’d post and see if anyone can see something I may be missing…

I’m on a Macbook Pro Laptop running 10.13.6. I have been using Audacity for weeks now without issue, then all of a sudden today I started getting an error simply trying to play anything in the application, through either my headphones, or the speaker on my macbook. The error is specifically;
Error Opening Sound Device
Try changing the audio host, playback device and the project sample rate

I have not changed anything at all. However here are some relevant settings:

  • In the bottomleft corner of the interface, the ‘Project Rate’ is set to 48000

  • In Preferences/Quality - It is set to 48000Hz / 24-Bit

  • In Preferences/Devices - Interface=CoreAudio

  • In Preferences/Devices - Playback Device - Built In Audio

  • In My System Preferences/Sound - Its set to Built In Internal Speakers

  • In my Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup - Its set to 2Ch 24 bit 48Khz

Sound is playing fine in Finder…Just not in Audacity. I also tried restarting the computer, as well as completely re-installing the app.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

First step is to reset Audacity’s settings using the instructions in this post:

This will change your default sample format and sample rate, but that will only affect recording. You can change them to your preferred 24-bit/48k after we see if you can at least play back your project.

– Bill