Can't open 'older' aup files

Haven’t tried to open some of my earliest aup files for a long time (from 2005) and they won’t open. Please see screenshot for error message. Am desperate to be able to open them. Any help grately appreciated.

I believe files from 1.x can’t be opened in 3.x, and you’ll have to open them in some version of 2.x first, save them, and then import them into 3.x. Alternatively, you can try downloading an ancient version of Audacity and exporting the files as WAV instead.

Thanks for your reply. I’m guessing older versions of audacity (2.x) are available to download - is this the case?

every single one of them, yes: Old Audacity versions download

Many thanks indeed LWinterberg. I appreciate your help.

One further question, can you have 2 versions (2.x) and (3.x) installed on a machine in Win 10 at the same time please?

yes you can - just install them in differently named folders.

Note though that you can only run one version at a time on the same computer.

I have most Audacity versions on my PC for regression testing purposes


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… Have now installed v2.22 and files now open. Thank you so much.

When using multiple versions of Audacity, I would highly recommend using separate configurations. If you don’t do this, weird bugs are likely to occur.

To use separate configurations, add a “Portable Settings” folder to each version.

Option: You may prefer NOT to use a Portable Settings folder for your main (most recent) version, so that it retains user settings when you update it.

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