Can't import OGG into audacity [CLOSED]

Every time I try to import an OGG file into audacity it stop responding. I am using audacity 3.2.0.

Works fine for me on W10 when I test on the released 2.3.0 version and the latest alpha test 2.3.1 :confused:


Are you sure that it’s a valid Ogg file?

What do you mean when you say valid?

What does this web page say about the file?

I put it through the website and it said the song name description genre ect. Also I tested another OGG and it did work.

Is it a secret what the web page said about the file?
Perhaps you could copy and paste the info (preferably using the “</>” button to put “code” tags around it, but don’t worry about it if you don’t know how to do that).

OK I found how to fix it thank you.

It could be helpful for other users if you shared that knowledge.

Sorry, I phrased that horribly, i just needed to find the tags of the song and audacity was the only way I knew to find those, however the website you sent me showed me the tag, and I think that you are right with the invalid OGG.

Thanks for the update. I’ll close this topic now.