can't hear [SOLVED]

Since yesterday I startet work with Audacity. When I grab the sound from turntable, I cannot hear the original sound, only level bar is moving - only by playback is possible sound to hear. Audacity works well by effects.
I use Turntable SL DL 5 - Technics with pre-amplifier Pro-Ject with USB interface, WIndows 8.1.
By export I have more posibilities to export - I choose 192 kbps MP3 sound - but I cannot hear the exported sound. I tested more options (WAW, WMA…) but I hear nothing.

Please, help me. Thank you.

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To hear audio in Audacity, use Device Toolbar to set the playback device to the speakers or headphones you are using. When you have done that, enable Transport > Software Playthrough at the top of Audacity to hear the record player while you are recording.

If you cannot hear audio when you play your exported MP3 in Windows Media Player, configure Windows so that the default playback device is the speakers or headphones you are using. To do that, right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Playback Devices”, then right-click over empty space and “Show Disabled Devices”, then right-click again and “Show Disconnected Devices”.

Finally, right-click over the device you want to use for playback and choose “Enable”.


This set of tutorials from the Manual should be useful to you:

especially this suggested workflow:


Thank you very much, it was very helpfull