Can't hear on playback from my laptop

I’ve been using Audacity for about two years and all of a sudden when I hit play nothing comes out of my laptop speakers. I can play anything else from any other website or program, but not audacity. I’ve checked to make sure the output speakers is set to “built-in”. Nothing seems to work.
I’d appreciate any help.
I’m on Catalina 10.15.7

Did you accidentally turn down the playback volume? You don’t say which version of Audacity you’re using, but recent versions have integrated the playback volume control with the playback meter.
– Bill

Thank you for your response. I’m using 3.2.5
I’m looking into the playback volume.

There is a slider on the Playback meter that controls the volume:
volume slider.png

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Ohhhhhh my gosh, you just SAVED me!!!
It’s 12:40 am and I have auditions due at 8!
Thank you, thank you!!!

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Thank you so much Bill!!! You and “waxycylinder” saved me!!!