Can't get iShowU or Soundflower to work with Audacity

I’m trying to capture audio off the internet and not succeeding yet.

MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
Audacity 2.3.2

I’ve tried both Soundflower and iShowU (both latest versions from their download sites)
System Preferences → Sound → input set to [soundflower or iShowU], volume level set high; output set to same
Audacity input set to [soundflower or iShowU], output set to anything at all (internal speaker, multi-output device, iShowU, or soundflower)

Start any audio (e.g., audio from web site, iTunes on local machine)

Symptom: nothing is reaching Audacity - recording level is 0
But System Preferences → sound → input shows audio coming in to [soundflower or iShowU] and changing system sound output to internal speakers (and leaving input to soundflower or iShowU) plays sound

Others have reported getting soundflower and iShowU to work this way with Audacity. What am I getting wrong?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I’m pretty sure SoundFlower’s utility vanished with the change to 64-bit.

iShowU was supposed to be the replacement according to this posting.