Cant find vocal isolation in effects

I just downloaded the program, and started using it. I need to use the vocal isolation tool but it´s nowhere to be found in the effects panel. I tried the add plug in manager but it still doesn’t even show there.
Im using Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2
Please help!

There is a Vocal Reduction and Isolation tool. That’s in Audacity 2.1.2.



Do you see Click Track and Pluck underneath the Generate Menu?

If not, it is probably Gatekeeper that is hiding all the Nyquist plugins. Please see the solutions here:

Otherwise, make sure you are not running Audacity from the DMG:

Make sure at Audacity > Preferences…, Effects section that “Nyquist” is ticked (checked).


I have been going in circles trying to lower some vocals on a part of a song. I was going to use the vocal remover function but can’t find it under effects. I would like to add it there as I see it in my audacity plug ins folder which is in applications. I also put it into the library, application support plug in folder (which didn’t appear to have anything else in it). When I click on effects from Audacity, there is no “add/remove plug ins” option. Or plug in manager that I can find. The first thing under the effects menu is “repeat last effect”. There is no add/remove under generate or effects or analyze. The effects range from “amplify” to “wahwah” and then a bunch of au effects. I have a newer MacBook Pro with Sierra (10.12.6) and I am using 2.1.0 for audacity.

Any clue on how I can access the vocal remover??


The current version of Audacity is 2.2.1 and is available here:

Remove your current version of Audacity completely, then install the new version. Ensure that you follow the installation instructions carefully or the plug-in effects will be missing.
If you need further help, please start a new topic. I’ll lock this topic as it’s nearly a year old.