Can't find "software playthrough" option

Good morning
I installed Audacity software some days ago.
I was looking for the option who permits to listen to my own voice (from headphones) while I am recording from microphone.
I found it is the “software playthrough” option.
But I cannot find it in the program menus.
Someone could help?

Its name got changed

Or you can access thus via Preferences:


Thanks, Peter.
So, does it work for hearing the voice track I am recording?

Ah then you want the “Audible Input Monitoring” to be turned on in either of those places.


Thanks. Asap I will try

How to put latency to zero??

See: Latency Test - Audacity Manual


“Audible input monitoring” works, that was what I was asking for. THANK YOU.
The problem, now, is that, while recording, there is a delay between the voice singing in the microphone and the voice listened in headphones.
Headphones and mic are connected at the same USB port.
How to remove that delay and hear in the headphones my own voice in real time, while recording?
Do I need an external sound card, to connect mic and headphones and then connect it at USB port?

In short, how “live audio monitoring” of my own voice while recording, could be achieved with Audacity?

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