Can't find Limiter in Audacity 3.3.3 german version

Hi everybody, I can’t find the Limiter in Audacity 3.3.3 (german version), thanks a lot for your help!

Use LoudMax, it’s perfect and easy.


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Hi Peter,
thanks a lot! There it should be, but in my version it doesn’t appear there. I found it now under “Erweiterungsverwaltung”, clicked it, and it appears now under “effects” → “Steve Daulton” (whoever that is) :sweat_smile:

Steve Daulton used (like me) to be a member of the old Audacity Team, As well as working here on the Forum which he still does he wrote a lot of the Nyquist plugins (which probably includes the Limiter).

You shouldn’t be seeing that Limiter effect there - try a Reset Configuration from the Tools menu:

But note that will remove any custom shortcuts you may have. If you de export those first and then re-import them after the reset.


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