Can't Find Chris' Dynamic Compressor

I just installed Audacity 3.2.1 on my Windows 10 laptop. I have 2 new recordings to process, and I can’t find Chris’ Dynamic Compressor! It’s the only effects tool I use. And it doesn’t show on the Effects menu, even though the Plugin Manager shows both executables as “enabled,” although they were in the /plugin folder under older versions.

I downloaded the latest versions to my new Audacity and rebooted - they now show under “n/a” at the bottom of the effects menu. Fortunately for my sanity, they work. But I’d like to complain about the new Effects menu, which makes it unnecessarily hard to use a well-known Audacity tool that just doesn’t happen to be part of the Audacity system. I hope someone else trying to use Chris’ Dynamic Compressor on Audacity 3.2.1 may find my experience useful.

I agree. If you have a “clean” production with wild volume swings, there’s nothing like Chris to even things out.

1.2.6 is the last known good version. If you have trouble with the download, I still have an archive app.

I’m not right on top of the absolutely latest Audacity version, but as far as I know, Chris should still work OK. If it doesn’t, you might consider rolling back the Audacity version rather than trying to do sound processing any other way.


Thanks for the response. In fact, once I got it installed and showing up on the menu, Chris’ compressor worked fine as usual. I didn’t have any trouble with the sound processing, it’s just that 3.2.1 has totally rearranged the “Effects” menu. I hesitate to roll back versions for fear of missing a security update.


You can revert to the old effects layout by choosing “Sorted by effect name” in Edit>Preferences>Effects in the Sort or Group dropdown menu.


Peter, that’s VERY helpful, thank you! I’ll do that.