Can't click on a split line to merge/join anymore?

Just upgraded to 3.5.1 from 3.3.x and, although I chose to keep my preferences, I can no longer click on a black split line to merge (join?).

Is there a setting in Preferences to get that functionality back? I couldn’t find one.

Now, to get rid of a split line, I can select the area around it and Ctrl-J (Join). But compared to simply clicking on the split line, that’s a lot of extra steps.

I get why new features are being added. I’m sure many users are celebrating. But, can we also keep the old ones (in the Preferences, at least)?

(I’m already planning to revert to an older release just as soon as I finish my current project.)

No, that shortcut has been permanently removed.

That is the way you have to do it now.

Yes it’s disruptive to my workflow as well.

Thanks again, Steve.


This closed GitHub thread explains Muse’s thinking on this:


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This does have the advantage that you can select around several splits in a track and use a single Ctrl+J to remove them all.


Not really “an advantage” since we could already do that before “click to join” was removed.

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