Can't access all 4 channels of Behringer UMC404hd

I am running Windows 10 and Audacity will only allow me access to two channels at a time.
Initially, before I installed the Behringer drivers, it looked like the WASAPI device was going to allow 4 channels, but when it tried to record it was erroring on the device.
So I installed the Behringer driver and then was able to record but only in groups of two channels at a time.
I specifically got a 4 channel mixer because I want to be able to record my drum kit and mic, snare, kick, toms and cymbals on separate channels. I have tried all different possibilities of combos of drivers and lower sampling rates etc… but I am stumped on how to do this in Audacity.
Please help, or let me know if this is even possible. TY!

Please create an “Audio Device Info” text file, and attach it to your reply.
More info in these links:

I have the exact same device and am having similar problem. Audacity not recognising input 3 or 4 on the UMC404HD. Going to follow here. Hope you get it fixed.

See this post: Audacity not recognising input 3 or 4 - #10 by steve