Cannot see where the cursor is as it moves across the screen

When I am editing my show, I can see only a portion on the screen and in the past, before I upgraded, as it moved into the next part I could still see it but now I have to back out to see where the cursor is. Somehow things got changed when I upgraded. It didn’t do this in the past.

I don’t quite get that, but let’s say you drag-selected a portion of the show to work on. Magnify to fit the screen with Command+E (on a Mac). As you play the work, the cursor will eventually roll off the right-hand side. You can keep up with it by Shift+Scroll Wheel. That will roll the whole time line left and right.

You can also get rid of some of the magnification (Zoom Out) in jumps with Command+3.

If you’re in Windows I need to search what your keys are.


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I suspect that somehow you have got “Auto-scroll if head unpinned” turned off (it is on by default).

Go to Preferences and select Tracks and turn on “Auto-scroll if head unpinned

See: Tracks Preferences - Audacity Manual



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That was it! Thank you so much. Wow. You all are wonderful! I do love Audacity but sometimes I just can’t figure it out.

Thank you for responding. I got my answer. Everyone on here is terrific.

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