Every time I finished a recording I try to save it but although the SAVE box prompts up no letters could be typed in.
This happens in usual file saving in Audacity file or an MP3 file.
This only happens recently but there was not any problem for the past 2 years.
Please give your advice. I appreciate it.

Are you saving to your local drive? Audacity doesn’t get along very well with external drives, network drives, or cloud drives. Save to your local drive and then move the files to your “foreign” drives in Windows.


Thanks for your reply

I’m saving to my local drive but every time when the SAVE box prompt up no letters could be typed in

Could you re-create the problem and do “screen grabs” and post them here. Simply look for the prt sc key on your keyboard, right hand side, at the top. Press and paste into any photo editor, and save as

Do you have an oriental version of Microsoft Windows? Your issue looks very similar to this post: Freezes when keying in Japanese