Cannot record with HP Windows 11

2024-01-28T07:00:00Z I had to purchase a new computer so am going from a window 7 to windows 11. I am attempting to record audio off the internet, but Audacity is picking up NO sound to record, i.e. zero recording level. I have "enable audio input monitoring set and have tried both Stereo Mix (RealTek(R) audio and Microsoft Sound Mapper as recording devices. Need help and suggestions, thanks. Greg

You will be better off with WASAPI loopback.

See this page in the Audacity Manual:

Or see this companion page on the Muse Audacity Support site:


Don’t do that! When you are recording the soundcard output, it creates an internal feedback loop.

And in order for Stereo Mix or WASAPI loopback to work, the sound has to already be coming out of your soundcard and you should already be hearing it.

Note that WASAPI loopback recording won’t start when there is no “audio stream”. It can be a silent stream, but it can’t be “nothing”.

Thank you!

Many thanks, Peter!

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